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We are HMG Global Monument Heritage Group Ltd, UK based creative tech start-up company currently working on our first of five ground-breaking smart technology projects.  


Our first scientific based TRL NASA Level Systems hardware/software tech solutions are created to enhance, transform, improve and re-imagine : Remote Working, Learning, Socialising, Shopping, Communications and Healthcare Diagnoses  now and for future  generations. 

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HMG New Technology Innovations

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HMG Group Partners 

About HMG Group 2021

HMG Global Monument Heritage Group Ltd 

We are uniquely positioned  in the global tech market place due to our never been done before technology solutions which are Tipped to make HMG  a new leading global tech brand. 

Project 1 tech,  amongst its many brilliant features is on course to significantly  improve remote patient healthcare diagnoses now and for generations to come.

We set higher standards for life science capabilities through our advanced and forward thinking solutions.  

HMG technologies are focused on four key user market needs: Affordable,  Accessible, Useful, Sustainable. 

HMG Vision  2021 onward

In A Smart World Full of Possibilities 

We are pioneers poised to develop and launch various smart tech solutions over the next 15-year period.  

Our projects begin with problem solving and innovation which creates unprecedented better tech product solution parallels from the old normal to the new normal. 

Addressing underserved markets as well as creating innovative medical diagnoses solutions which  will save lives. 

We have a focus on ethical social impacts for the greater good and plan to eventually establish a not-for-profit arm of HMG, creating scholarships for creative arts, technology and engineer students amongst our 15-year, 5 tech projects start-up to scale-up vision plan. 


HMG Mission 2021 onward

Small Oaks Grow Into Large Oak Trees

As a legacy founding company our mission is to establish incredible solution led, outcomes for the end users we serve. 

Human population is set to grow into the region of 10 billion people on the planet by the year 2050.  It is our mission to innovate solutions early, which can generate positive returns now and for generations to come.

HMG Markets 2021 onward

Project 1  Consumer Markets Summary :
  • Healthcare Sector B2B2C
  • Education Sector   B2B2C
  • B2B Sector 
  • Millennial B2C 
  • Online Retail Shoppers B2C
  • In-Store Retail Businesses B2B


HMG Head CEO  

Founder, Head CEO Norma Duncan 

Exploring the unknown Head CEO Norma Duncan a female British born serial patent-pending holding new technology inventor , scientist is the millennial brain behind HMG technologies, vison, mission and the spark for its growing  global momentum.

From the early years the child creative turned to adult years of being a new founded classified genius and on course to become one of the most innovative emerging polymaths in the 21st century. 

Norma shares a overview bio of her history, achievements, qualifications, corporate background, present projects including HMG  and future vision projects.


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