The bio  story of our Founder, New Technology Inventor, Head CEO Norma Duncan 

2021 onward

Head CEO Biography Statement 

Since 1987 at the early age of 4 years old, Norma Duncan first had the notion to create. A simple thought in a child`s mind which eventually has led her to the create some of the greatest break-through technology concepts in recent times within design, art and science. 

Norma Duncan a polymath genius, nicked named the Michelangelo of contemporary art  is a leading emerging innovator. 

Amongst her many accomplishments Norma now aged 37 years old as of June 2021, is the inventor, Head CEO and founder of HMG Global Monument Heritage Group Ltd.

Currently developing the worlds first ever technologies which is invented to primarily solve historical diagnoses issues, within the field of skin cancer and tumour biotics.   




Current Projects in Art, Science & Technology 

Norma is also the founder artist of the Emotionism-Art movement  , a contemporary visual art style which imamates the formless art of human emotion. Amongst being an accomplished fashion & interior designer with demands for her work growing yearly.

The art style is popular with over 1 million online visitors since 2012, celebrated social media followers, growing the movement amongst active 21st century visual artists. 

Norma is now in the blue-chip emergence of her major heritage art collections within visual arts and sits amongst greats such as Picasso, Warhol and Basquiat.  

Subject to independent appraisals and commission commencing, she is set to become the new highest living emerging blue-chip artist  in the world: from primary art market to monument heritage art level. Due to her truly original and ground-breaking major art works.

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Medical Science compound is a recent first accomplishment, which Norma Duncan formulated alongside regulated UK bodies, since 2020 which is currently in final approval decision stage. 

Early years invention led Norma to now hold six patent- pendings with her first new technologies since 2013. 


Future Projects in Design and Technology 

The ever pragmatic and optimistic Norma Duncan sees a future world where the following would be part of a new normal: 

  • Smart Correction Vision Glasses Technologies
  • Organ Clone Life-Saving  Real-Time Technologies
  • AI Smart Car Programmes for Road Safety
  • Amongst more incredible innovations.

Norma Duncan new technology inventor and scientist is set to develop her concepts,  as stated above towards the turn of this decade into 2030 onwards and eventually deliver life-changing positive impact solutions for now and for generations to come beyond the HMG Group Vision.






Qualifications and Corporate Expertise  

Norma Duncan has qualifications in over 37 disciplines including:  

  • NCFE level 2 certificate UK - Lean Organisation Management Techniques 2018 
  • Edexcel BTEC level 2 UK  - Understanding Enterprise and Entrepreneurship 2012
  • Six Patent Pendings UK and Europe in New Technology – Since 2011 to Present 2021 
  • The Surrey Institute of Art & Design University College UK UCA Years 2001- 2003  B-TEC National Diploma in Art & Design                             
  • Coulsdon College Surrey UK  2000 – 2001  GNVQ intermediate in Art & Design                                       
  • John Ruskin College Surrey UK                                        Years 1999 – 2001 GNVQ Intermediate in Business Studies                                 
  • Archbishop Lanfranc Secondary School Years 1994 – 1999  qualified in GCSE`s.                                                                  


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