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Realising The Incredible Smart Age -        Across The Next 15 Years 2021-2035 and Beyond 

HMG Global Monument Heritage Group Ltd.  is a pre-revenues / pre-product creative unicorn tech company specialising in

AI - VR - AR - Telecoms - Holograms - Immersive Experiences - Remote Cancer Diagnoses Solutions and we are at the forefront of our first smart technology project classified under the TRL NASA Level Systems. Currently at TRL1,  technology readiness stage. Currently at POC stage, undergoing pre-seed VC investment reviews as of May 2021.


 Located in Surrey, United Kingdom. Registered October 2020. Registered Company No: 12945056



HMG Group Partners 


HMG New Technology Innovations 

£100 mil + unlimited institutional funds  on offer 

Pending Seed, Series A  & Series B Investors Reviews as of 2021

HMG Group Partners 2021

Over the past 12 months we have on boarded a network of UK and International cross-industry leading expert partners and their renowned companies to join us on our journey now and over the next 15-year period onwards. 

Project partners include regulated experts from life sciences, engineering & manufacturing, distribution partners, construction, technology , content creators, clinical diagnoses trial support, media & marketing support.

Sector focused market entry to global scale-up B2B/ B2B2C sales & consumer finance partners as well as investment fund management, accountancy, legal, tech/ medical industry standards and regulation advisory boards.

With support from VC, Institutional Funding and Private Investors. HMG is currently in investment reviews, POC / market entry development stage. 

Together, we make the incredible happen.

HMG Group

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